project me

When I left off & stopped writing, we had just completed project baby. And what a project that was! Lola is now 3 and as stubborn and feisty as when she held on in my belly, determined to stick it out through what seemed to be impossible circumstances. She is super funny and super naughty. … Continue reading project me

A Dinner in Fall

Seriously anytime you put a cactus in a pumpkin and spray paint other pumpkins gold, you know its gonna be a good nite. It was a double oven kind of nite. Which meant my bangs were definitely curly. #hotcook recipes below.  tic tac toe of puff pastry yumminess. cut your puff pastry into even squares, … Continue reading A Dinner in Fall

10 Months.

i super love my dad. like so much. my mom tries not to be jealous.     i am usually very sweet. i like to point. it creates extra emphasis. i like to wave. sometimes it means pick me up, sometimes it means i want more banana, sometimes it means hi, just depends. this is … Continue reading 10 Months.

Flutter Magazine

We had the privilege of being included in the amazing Flutter Magazine again for their newest issue which is fabulous! We used some of our vintage buttons to create super fun wax seals (page 128, but do not miss a page!).     Check it out here! Continue reading Flutter Magazine

5 months

time is going too fast! why can’t it go as slow as it did on bed rest? we are so in crazy love with this baby. she is so sweet and so funny. some thoughts that lola wanted me to pass on about being 5 months. do not try to make me sit up. it … Continue reading 5 months