Eggs and Bunnies

Needing any last minute Egg and Bunny fun? Paper Strip Easter Egg Art Idea from Julep The Blondie is Mine. Kind of obsessed with this idea. Currently using bargaining to try to get M to do these instead of colored tablets and vinegar. Don’t think it is going to work. Must buy another dozen eggs. … Continue reading Eggs and Bunnies


I have taken on two “projects” for the month of March. I am super excited about both of them.  Keep reading and join me, we will have fun together.  And sorry for the late notice. First, “March into Organization” from KMD Organizing-31 10 minute tasks to organize your life. Seriously, at the end of March … Continue reading March

Daisy Love

So grateful for my babies today and every day, but especially today. “love. Love your babies, your husbands, mothers, sisters. Love each day like it’s your last. All you mamas out there, you have been entrusted with the precious gift of a human life who depends on you. Enjoy your gift. Breathe in the scent … Continue reading Daisy Love