5 months

15 Apr

time is going too fast! why can’t it go as slow as it did on bed rest?

we are so in crazy love with this baby.

she is so sweet and so funny.

IMG_1121some thoughts that lola wanted me to pass on about being 5 months.

do not try to make me sit up. it is too much work. i like to lay down. i don’t care what other babies do.

do not make me wait for my bottle. it gets me so fired up.

do not leave me on my stomach for longer than five minutes. see above about sitting up.

please beat box for me all day long. it is my favorite and makes me laugh hard.

tell sister to never stop reading to me in the mornings. i love that.

i do not like to baby babble. i prefer to scream. or spit. (my version of beat boxing)

when you put me in my swing for a nap, i can not help it that i would rather ninja kick.

most of the time i sleep all nite for you. when i want to party at 4am, please be entertaining, do not try to put me back in bed.

stop trying to figure out my personality. sometimes you are funny and sometimes you are not. simple.

i love my pink & white vintage dress that was auntie megan’s. tell her thank you.

ps. mommy, what happened to your “i will never talk in the voice of my baby rule”?


sweet baby lola



2 Responses to “5 months”

  1. Lisa Cram April 15, 2013 at 5:57 pm #


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  2. Rebecca Ricci April 15, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    Way to cute!!!!!!!!!

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