Lola Capri

12 thoughts on “Lola Capri”

  1. Gods plans for our lives are always the best. Cari your story touched me deeply. I know how grateful you are and what an amazing husband you have been blessed with. Your girls are beautiful and you are a strong amazing momma. Love you all blessings, Cristeen

  2. ooohhh.. poor Cari. It sad that you had to experience a such dramatic delivery. But, now you have your reward!! Enjoy every minute! hugs from me – Ina – (soon a midwife)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Cari. We have been thinking so much about both of you. What a happy happy ending for all of you. Enjoy your wonderful family. Merry Christmas.

  4. What an amazing story and happy ending to a much wanted Lola. Makes you realize how precious life is. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Sam and Kari, what an incredibly touching story of love and family. I was very touched reading this and of course very happy it turned out the way it did! Thank you for sharing and this truly puts life in perspective!

  6. Dear cari
    I am Dinnys mom and I just wanted to say
    How happy I am for you,Lola and your family .a child is the most precious gift from heaven we will ever receive . Your family is truly blessed . Reading your story brings back memories . One of my little girls was only 4pounds 6 ounces I was bed ridden for 3months, so I wouldn’t lose her, broke my heart to bring her twin home and have to leave her.dinny told me how beautiful your Lola is,I am sure we will meet her sometime .our prayers are with you & Sam .

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