Project Baby

5 thoughts on “Project Baby”

  1. Cari- the way you wrote that was beautiful and made me cry. Thinking of you all, every single day!! Sending good thoughts, vibes, love and prayers your way! You will make it to 24 weeks and well beyond!!! Love to you all. Xoxo

  2. Of course you made me cry too, but that’s just to be expected. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. With love, the Kelly fam

  3. Cari, you wonderful, beautiful woman. You are strong and your baby is strong. I loved the part about “hey, I’m still here”. What an inspiration you all are. Sam, Madeira you guys hang in there through all this scary stuff too. Cari, you are in my prayers, will stay in my prayers and I hope God blesses you and your family with this baby. I love you honey.

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